Q:Can MAC also be used?

A: YES you can use.

Q:How is the developed file read

A: It can read from "Open file" and "Import" in 3D tool of use.

QWhat is "3D tool"?

A: It is the application in which 3D modeling and a rendering are possible.

Q:There are not materials and textures,are there?

A: There are no materials and textures fundamentally.

Q:Is it possible to use for commercial films?

A:There is no problem.

Q:Is it possible to use for commercial video games?

A:There is no problem.

Q:When the game (free and commercial use) is made by using the data(3d models) of 3D Chaya, should I pay money?

A:It is not necessary.

Q:And then, do I need link your site(3d chaya)?

A:It is not necessary